Our History

Linkway Church started its life in the lounge of Pastor Gavin van Heerden and his wife, Val, back in October 1994 with three other families. Over the years, the church has grown, moving into Joe Simon Pre Primary School (March ’95), Edgemead High School (1996) and eventually into the property on Link Way in Edgemead for an inaugural service on 26 October 2002.

While loosely affiliated to the Baptist Union of Southern Africa, Linkway Church functions autonomously and is led by an elected team of capable and called elders. Base elders (fulltime staff members with formal theological training) and marketplace elders (serving in a voluntary capacity as those with other jobs) oversee the health and direction of the church, empowering a team of deacons and other volunteers for various roles of ministry. (Ephesians 4: 11-16)

Some of our values:


We believe the whole Bible points to Jesus as its hero, and that He can be personally known. Since He is everything to us, we make everything about Him.


No matter how big we get as a church, it must always feel like a real family, with meaningful relationships and honest communication

Pursuing Excellence

We believe excellence honours God, and so we strive for perfection but settle for our best. It's important to keep innovating and being flexible

Our Team

Gavin has a passion for teaching and preaching the…

Allan has a heart and passion for worship and…

André de Jager

André had his life radically changed by Jesus as…

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